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Greetings! My name is Gurcharn Cheema ( - feel free to contact me), I am currently a first year student attending the University of Ottawa working towards my Bachelor of Commerce; ergo, if there are no major obstacles I should graduate in the year 2015. I am a year behind because I chose to do an extra year of grade 12 and improve my marks. The reason I chose to further my education at Ottawa U. is mainly because it is close to home, but also because I thought it would be a good experience to live in Canada's capital city. I enjoy watching all types of television shows, TWO and a half MEN was a show that I enjoyed particularly due to the comedy. This wiki contains my thoughts and descriptions of the major characters on the old version of TWO and a half MEN; in my opinion, Charlie Sheen was the star of the show until he was kicked-out for his unacceptable behavior on-set and towards the producers. I will also briefly be going over how child mentality has changed over the years. Enjoy!


Below is a short video to help you get a rough idea of what this show is like!

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In Two and a half Men it is correctly portrayed how young kids have not stayed with the same mentality that children might have had a decade ago. While Charlie and Alan try and "protect" young Jake from all of the problems or issues that they face, Jake always knows what's going on and understands entirely; such as when his parents split-up he understands while his parents suppose that he doesn't know. Charlie is also not afraid of teaching Jake adult things such as gambling and sex, he also isn't afraid of cursing in front of him; thus, showing how greatly a common grown-up has mentally changed compared to someone many years back. For a more complete analysis, please visit the 'Overview' section.


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